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To be the preferred provider of agribusiness solutions to modern day farmers in Kenya and beyond.


To help todays farmers transform agriculture into lucrative business by providing them with agricultural consultations services, quality inputs and marketing.


AgriBiz Solutions Limited was launched in the year 2013 and incorporated under the Companies Act (cap.486) as a limited company in the same year.


AgriBiz Solutions Ltd strives to realize its vision by;

  1. Sticking to its core principal of understanding and meeting the customer demand.
  2. Investing in modern technology in research and development to stay on top of the industry.
  3. Complying with all relevant local and international regulations.
  4. Continuously enriching the company’s work force through in-house and outside training.


AgriBiz Solutions Ltd vision for sustainable growth is guided by its strong believes in conducting all business dealings according tom these honoring its commitments and accepting responsibility for its actions the company is totally accountable.

Recognized as a reliable and trusted agricultural consultations services, quality inputs and marketing firm, AgriBiz Solutions Ltd takes pride in building a strong relationship with customers who value its commitments to them and the communities it serves.

  • Committed to fair pricing of the agricultural commodities
  • Committed to the best quality of the agricultural inputs.
  • Strict compliance with all relevant laws and regulations in Kenya and beyond.


With a dedicated staff that have many years of experience in the agriculture field,

Our mission and focus as an agricultural activities company is evident.